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Fiverr's Work Life Photographer of the Year 2023

I just wanted to share the news that I have been named Fiverr's Work-Life Photographer of the Year!

A woman sits at her dining table working on a laptop while wearing a sick baby in a baby carrier
"WAHM" self-portrait by Camlyn Anderson

Grand Prize

The winning photo for “Work Life Photographer-of-the-Year”

Camlyn Anderson's "WAHM"

"The term SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) has long been used to minimize the work of mothers. To "stay" implies there is another work we are refraining from. Additionally, the term WFH (work-from-home) implies we are doing work that could be done elsewhere. In reality, the work of home is never-ending and intimate. It is singular in nature, as there is no better place to soothe a fevered babe than home, and no better person than the mother to cradle them as they hurt. For those mothers who also run a business, the work is not more difficult, it is simply MORE. Let this image stand as my proposal to change the term. We are not staying home and we aren't working from home either. Our work IS here."

Category: Working From Home


Out of thousands of submissions from all over the world, my image entitled “WAHM” (above) was selected by for the grand prize and title of Fiverr's "Work-life Photographer of the Year" of 2023. It is an absolute honor and I am so excited to have my name and work recognized in such a way. Read what the judges had to say

"I love the feeling of intimacy in this image—both between the mother and child and their relation to the space. The composition is lovely, every section of the image has been thought about and has a balanced feel throughout. I also appreciated the photo description that was added, as it highlights how for many, working from home may be the norm and their way of life."

- Ron Timehin

"This image perfectly exemplifies the organized chaos of post-pandemic work/life balance. We loved the attention to detail and the color pop from the green plants."

- Dina Litovsky

"Every detail of this image feels intentional, making a strong composition even better the more look at it. "Perfectly-imperfect" right down to the look of perceived-discontent on the baby's face. The reality of modern work-at-home, and a scene mothers have lived through long before the pandemic."

- Dan Rubin


To see the other winners and honorable mentions, visit Fiverr - Work Life Photographer of the Year

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