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New Year, New Words

T.s. Eliot Quote from Little GIdding

How is 2023 going for you so far?

There's always so much talk about resolutions - setting firm decisions to help shift your footsteps to better paths. Well-worn paths are hard to stop taking though, and treading new territory can be downright scary.

I gave up on traditional resolutions years ago, but what I *do* like to do is determine certain words that I want to apply to my steps and circumstances this year. My favorite from last year was "curious". When obstacles arose, as obstacles do, instead of just defaulting to my typical responses, I would try to approach it with curiosity. I'd ask "How did this get here? Did I cause it? Can it serve me in a way I hadn't considered?" And, while I sometimes fell into my old footfalls of cynicism and doubt, I managed to turn many a fallen rock into stepping stones.

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I am still working on my words for this year, as one of my well-worn paths is procrastination, but I am excited to see what new paths lay ahead.

How about you? What words await your study this year? What ends can you impose so those beginnings can start?

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