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Tangible Legacies - The Significance of Extended Family Sessions

Image from an extended family session at Point No Point in Washington State

In the ebb and flow of our daily lives, it's all too easy to overlook the significance of the people who love us unconditionally, and help shape the narrative of our lives. Our families have an immense

impact on who we are and how we navigate this world. They are the foundation of our identity and the source of our most cherished memories.

In every family, there is someone who holds the role of a family historian—the storyteller who ensures that the tales of our ancestors and the memories we create today are not lost with time. As a family photographer, I have the honor of becoming a part of this narrative.

Legacy sessions have given me the privilege of witnessing and capturing the profound connections that occur during extended family sessions. These sessions go beyond group photographs; they celebrate the unique dynamics that make each family extraordinary. Whether it's the shared laughter between siblings, the tender embrace of grandparents, or the mischievous glances between cousins, these moments symbolize the deep bonds that tie us together. Extended family sessions honor the balmy summers gone by, the shared holiday feasts, the pregnancy-turned-graduation announcements, the grieving of lost loves, and the simple beauty of a life well-lived.

I want you to know that I take my job as a family photographer very seriously. I approach each session with meticulous care, ensuring that I capture the essence of your family's journey and create authentic heirloom portraits that your family will treasure. Time and age can take so much from us, but they also offer us the gift of each other, however long we are here.

As a family photographer, my greatest joy lies in capturing the love, connection, and enduring bonds that exist between family members. These sessions serve as a gentle reminder to slow down, appreciate the moments that matter, and create a legacy that will be treasured for years to come. From deep-set laugh lines to well-worn hands and even questionable hairstyles, these portraits become a testament to those who came before us, for the sake of the ones yet to come.

Portrait of grandfather from an extended family session in Hansville, Washington State

Take this opportunity to embark on your family's visual legacy—one filled with love, connection, and lives worth celebrating. Allow me to join you in celebrating your family's unique story—one that future generations will look upon with admiration and gratitude.

This is your story—let's tell it together.

Honest, heartfelt imagery for every chapter of your story

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