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"When should I book my newborn photography session?"

A simple and helpful guide on when to book your photography session for your sweet newborn babe.

Siblings hold newborn twins during a newborn photography session in Poulsbo, Washington

Congratulations on your new addition! Capturing those sweet hazy early days of your growing family In this guide, we'll discuss the pros and cons of each stage up until 2 months of age, helping you decide when to schedule your session.

"When should I schedule my newborn session?”

A close-up of a newborn taken during a newborn photography session in Poulsbo, Washington

This is an important question - let me help you decide!

First of all, we should differentiate between when to take newborn photos and when to book your session. Ideally, you want to book as soon as possible - most photographers, myself included, only take on a certain amount of sessions per month. I do this to ensure I have the time and resources to properly plan, shoot and process your gallery. This also provides the benefit of being able to reserve a spot on my calendar for the month, while keeping your actual shoot date flexible.

Secondly, it’s important to know that I specialize in lifestyle newborn sessions, not traditional ones. What’s the difference? Lifestyle photography emphasizes authenticity, personalization, and storytelling, while traditional photography aims for artful and posed compositions that highlight the baby's features. Both styles offer unique ways to capture the beauty of newborns, and the choice between them depends on personal preferences and the desired aesthetic.

Now that we’ve covered our bases, here are some considerations on timing for your session:

A close-up of a newborn taken during a newborn photography session in Kingston, Washington

0-2 Weeks 🍼

✨ Pros:

Freshness overload! Babies change fast, their brand-new appearance is simply magical.

Sleepy shots are easy to capture

✨ Cons:

Birth recovery and adjusting to this new stage can be challenging for parents

2-4 Weeks 🌈

A close-up of a newborn holding a parent's finger taken during a newborn photography session in Kingston, Washington

✨ Pros:

Bright-eyed and curious! Babies become

more aware of their surroundings, leading to opportunities for capturing their alert expressions.

✨ Cons:

Some babies may be fussier at this stage, which can makeit harder to capture relaxed and calm poses.

A close-up of a newborn resting on their parent's shoulder. taken during a newborn photography session in Kitsap County, Washington

1-2 Months 🌻

✨ Pros:

Little personalities emerge! Your baby's engaging expressions and interactions with others make for exquisite captures

✨ Cons:

Longer awake periods and shorter nap times may make it more challenging to capture your little one in a sleepy state.

Ultimately, the perfect time is YOUR Time!

Your family is worth celebrating at any stage and there is no magic cut-off date.

Remember that this is your story- Let’s tell it together!

Want to know more about sessions and booking?

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